AR educational product development in children

K12 stage for children to design and develop AR augmented reality products

AR interactive technology will be fully integrated into the life of children's education! Let the children learn to learn more nutrients in the entertainment, to cultivate children's interest in reading, to experience more in interactive sharing!

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AR children's educational product development

The company has years of experience in product research and development team is committed to the education industry, with the aid of intelligent electronic devices, mobile Internet and other advanced technology, education idea, network interactive interesting science share growth model for individual users and enterprises to provide value-added services for children's products, AR education resources, and children's AR software development services.

ARkaka - children AR

AR children's education APP and product development, combined with AR technology to show a more exciting and interesting 3D model animation. The integration of children's education, preschool, primary and secondary resources, learning all aspects of cognition and language, for the children to bring more rich and wonderful life!

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AR early learning card

AR Coloring Book

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